Here’s Why You Should Consider an Oral Cancer Screening

Keeping your mouth healthy doesn’t just mean preventing cavities and decay. It also means preventing potential oral cancer, which claims the life of one person per hour every single day. Cancer is a very serious (and often fatal) disease so opting for a quick oral cancer screening during your dental visit could save your life.

What Is an Oral Cancer Screening?

An oral cancer screening consists of a thorough examination of your mouth, cheeks, and tongue. Our expert team will also scan your lips, face, and neck and physically examine the lymph nodes in your neck in order to check for any potential abnormalities, like lumps and discoloration. If we believe that you need any further testing, we will refer you to a specialist or conduct it ourselves in our office. Don’t be worried during your oral cancer screening. If you come see us every six months, chances are that any abnormalities will be detected in the early stages. With early detection, chances of survival are much higher!

What Are the Causes of Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer has many causes, but your chances of developing it increase if you use tobacco products, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, and/or practice poor dental hygiene. You are also at risk if you or a blood-relative have previously been diagnosed with oral cancer or if you have had excessive exposure to the sun.

Closeup of a woman with painted red nails smoking a cigarette, increasing her risk of oral cancer

How Can I Prevent Oral Cancer?

Quitting smoking or avoiding smoking is a major way to prevent oral cancer. You can also reduce your chances of developing oral cancer through the same ways you prevent other oral health ailments: daily brush and floss your teeth to prevent bacteria growth; consume a proper, balanced diet that is low in sugar, acid, and alcohol, all of which can create a toxic environment in your body; drink plenty of water; and visit our office every six months.

Your Oral Health Is Our Priority!

Preventive care is critical to maintaining positive oral health. Next time you visit our office, ask for an oral cancer screening to take an extra step in ensuring that your smile is strong and healthy. At Mint Dental Care, we offer oral cancer screenings as one of our many preventive treatments. Contact us to schedule your next appointment today!

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