Cosmetic Dentistry in Centeron

Ready to make over your smile? From simple whitening treatments that add the finishing touch to your teeth to more intensive treatments that grant you the new smile you’ve always wanted, Mint Dental Care offers a variety of cosmetic dental services. With our range of financing options, dazzling teeth are within reach.

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Centeron

Clear Aligner Therapy

For those looking for straighter teeth without having to deal with the inconvenience and clunky appearance of traditional metal braces, clear aligner therapy may be the perfect option.

  • Invisible and comfortable teeth-straightening solution
  • Series of clear, plastic aligners to shift and guide teeth
  • Custom treatment plan with new aligner trays every couple of weeks
  • Removable aligners allow you to brush and floss normally

Traditional Dental Veneers

Using thin, custom-made, ceramic material to create stunning veneers, Dr. McCord can address many dental appearance concerns you might have.

  • Attach to the surface of your teeth
  • Remedy color, shape, size, and minor alignment issues
  • Mimic the look of natural teeth and are stain-resistant
  • Help you achieve a more a radiant smile

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Professional Teeth Whitening

It’s time to let your smile shine brighter with our teeth whitening treatments! Mint Dental Care can help you decide the best whitening treatment for your goals.

  • Custom Trays — Get personalized whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly and put prescription-strength whitening gel precisely where you need it.
  • One-Size Trays — Use premade trays with whitening gel to start making your teeth more radiant today.
  • One-Visit Whitening — Need a white smile ASAP? We offer a one-visit treatment that will give you bright results, fast.

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TMJ Treatment

If you’re interested in refreshing both your mind and appearance, our dermal fillers services could be just what the doctor ordered. These youth enhancers can restore your vitality for anywhere between three to six months by altering the nerve impulses to the targeted muscles. Dr. Knox received extensive training and is certified through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics in cosmetic and therapeutic dermal fillers injections. Bring confidence back with injectable dermal fillers.

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Reduce TMJ disorder migraines and jaw pain
  • Reduce sweating
  • Reduce appearance of Bell’s palsy

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