Local Dentistry & Technology

Dr. McCord and the Mint Dental Care team takes pride in providing cutting-edge technology for a scope of dental services. Our state-of-the-art equipment lets us work more efficiently and makes your time with us as productive as possible.

Digital X-Rays and Digital Panoramic X-Rays

Digital X-rays take images of teeth without the inconvenience and discomfort of traditional X-ray film. They also emit significantly less radiation, making their use safe for all ages and pregnant women. Since they deliver immediate images, the team can reach a diagnosis faster and start you on your treatment sooner.


DryShield™ Patient Comfort System

The DryShield™ Dental Isolation System is an all-in-one device that suctions out fluid, protects your tongue, shields your airway, and serves as a bite block so that our team can work much more efficiently. DryShield mouthpieces are made of flexible, soft material so you stay comfortable during the entire appointment.

TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral scanners provide live, high-quality digital images of patients’ teeth. They allow patients to view what the dentists and the rest of our team see, helping them become better informed about their diagnosis. They also serve as a useful visual reference for patients being informed of their treatment plan.

Dental 3d scanner and monitor in the dentist's office

Vatech Green CT®

Our advanced Vatech Green CT utizes 3D cone beam X-ray technology to enhance the quality of patient care. It improves our diagnostic accuracy and provides higher quality imaging with lower radiation compared to traditional X-rays.

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